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Your vision, our mission

0xVentures are not your regular VCs.

We are users and creators who deeply care about integrating with blockchains and their communities.

Our Value

We pride ourselves in being value-add investors. With a diverse background and expertise, we bring a unique perspective in terms of marketing, UI/UX design, financing and code development. This opens our investment strategy to multiple sectors, including blockchain specific protocols, gaming, NFTs, DeFi and more. Our recognition both as a brand and individuals, provides unique opportunities to drive engagement across many blockchain communities.


We are a decentralized autonomous organization that functions as a fund with the sole purpose of investing in sector-disrupting projects. Collectively owned and managed by our members, our activity is written directly into blockchain. We have no central leadership, anyone can introduce a change or proposal. This is then discussed by our community until consensus is reached. We believe this is the ideal organizational path to foster community, creativity, and the highest caliber decisions.

Our Partners

Our skilled team actively participates with projects we invest in. Partners are chosen by their astute personal vision. Projects are researched through a macro lens and thorough discourse with teams. Our first principle of working with communities brings value through understanding your users and broadband sharing, which leads to organic project expansion.

Our Members

We are as strong as our combined forces, so each member is critically chosen. Fostering an environment where we work together as a single unit that shares, evolves and brings diverse ideas to fruition.


Join us on the journey.

See the Light

We are as strong as our combined forces. Our activity is written into blockchain, but you’ll never find us. The future may be unknown, but the opportunities for both us and our partners are limitless. Speak to us today about working together.

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Become 0xVentures DAO member

We at 0xVentures are looking for additional Degens that focus on the next up and coming projects with a high risk/return ratio and are able to early identify highly innovative ideas in the fast-moving DeFi sector.

Please provide as much as possible information based on the form below so that we are able to evaluate your eligibility to become a 0xVentures DeFi Degen. All questions are optional so feel free to provide only information to us that you feel comfortable with.

How much capital have you deployed in DeFi?

On which Blockchains (including Ethereum L2s) are you currently farming?

Which of the following types of assets do you have in your portfolio? (Check all that apply).

Which of the following yield generating strategies do you have exposure to? (Check all that apply)

What is your current degen ratio in terms of risk, where 0 = total conservative and 10 = batshit crazy?